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Small Gains Through Routine

I’m a clock watcher.  When I’m working out, I want to know how much longer the torture will last.  When I’m at work, I want to know when lunch is and when can I go home.  At home I’m getting the kids to the bus, feeding everyone, and making sure they get to bed in time for a solid night’s sleep.

Whatever I am doing, I am watching the clock for the next thing that I need to get done.

I have been playing around with the best way to fit in my workout in each day.  My morning routine is very predictable and when I follow it, my whole day just seems better.  But I’m participating in a fitness challenge called GRIT.  The workouts are intense.  They are called 12 minutes of death.  It’s no joke.  I dread it.  I watch the clock the entire time.  Since I started the challenge I have been waiting until I get home after work to get my workout in.  But the downside is that all day at work I dread going home to work out.  I’m glued to the clock counting down the hours and then minutes until my workout. I put myself through a lot of mental BS all day long in anticipation of my workout.

Today I decided to change my morning routine and got up, got the kids on the bus and went right to the basement in my pajamas, put on a sports bra and sneakers and got my workout in.  This had an interesting effect on the rest of my morning routine.

It changed the way I dressed for work.  I usually go to work in my gym clothes so that when I get home, I don’t get sidetracked changing my clothes and then deciding to throw in some laundry or other things.  Today, after my workout I showered, put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. It felt good to change my routine.

The second change I noticed was that I was not planning my whole day around coming home and working out.  It turned off all the mental chatter about working out.  I have not spent any time today arguing with myself about whether or not I want to work out. It’s already done.

I have adjusted my morning routine to include my workout and I can already see the benefits.

I’m a firm believer that routine is the key to staying on track with all of my goals.  When I consistently stay on my routine, I’m making small incremental gains every day.

I know that when I stick to my routine it takes less effort to get the results I want.  I spend less time stressing about whether or not to do something.  If it’s in my routine, I know it will get done.  I know when it will get done.  No argument.  Done.

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