Staying Committed

Staying Committed
In November I committed to 28 days of writing. I also committed to making my body stronger. I didn’t quit.
Yesterday, I committed to do the same in December.
The minute I signed up I freaked out. How will I come up with more ideas? It’s Christmas, I should take it easy. Where will I find the time to pack it all in?
If there was one time of year to slow down it’s the holiday season. But I have momentum. I created a routine. And for me consistency is the key. Routine is what I can count on to keep me on the path.
So whatever you are committed to, don’t let December throw you off. Maintain the routine. If you get thrown off one day, just get back to it the next day.
Holidays can be difficult emotionally and financially. For me, having a routine keeps me grounded and focused. It gives my mind a place to land instead of swirling with all the activities and things I need to get done.
Also, I love writing. Doing something I love besides eating cookies is a good thing. Find the thing you love and do it.
Welcome to December.

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