Move it or Lose it

December GRIT Challenge

This month’s GRIT challenge is hard. The workouts are short but brutal. Most days I lay on the floor afterwards cursing CJ, our trainer.

But I have noticed how I am becoming more flexible and stronger. I track my workouts and what intensity I am able to do. My progress seems slow.

I wasn’t even going to do GRIT this month. I wanted to rest and let my body heal. Those were stupid words I used to convince myself it was o.k. to quit. But the result from the workouts has been the exact opposite.

The most noticeable change is in my overall body pain. I used to wake up during the night with a lot of aches, especially in my right shoulder. The doctor told me a long time ago I have Bursitis in that shoulder.

I have been waking up pain free. I can sleep on that side and it doesn’t bother me. How is it that I am pushing my body to work harder, yet it feels so much better?

I’m sure there is some scientific explanation, but all I know is if I can work out 15 minutes to 30 minutes every day and become pain free, I’m in.

I understand why doctors tell us older people to move it or lose it. It’s true. I used to laugh when I saw a commercial for a senior community that talked all about the activities for seniors to stay active. I had this idea that when I got older, I would take it easy. I know now, that is the kiss of death.

The more active I am, the better I feel. The less aches I have. The better I sleep.

I commit to move every day. The quality of my life depends on it.

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