The Struggle

I love inspiring people. I love telling stories and sharing my experiences, especially if it can help someone.
I also feel terribly insecure about appearing less than perfect. After all, why would anyone want to listen to someone who’s life is so messy.

Some of my current struggles:

My kids and technology. I love it when my house is quiet, and I can read a good book undisturbed. But this usually means my kids are on their tech.  It’s a trade-off.  I guilt myself over this all the time. I should invite them to play a game of pool or Wii bowling. But I like reading books. I struggle to find balance between me time and we time.

I curse a lot. But when other people curse in conversation, I think very judgmental thoughts about them. What kind of hill-jack talks like that? Well, ME. I think I come across as pretentious sometimes, so cursing is a way of dumbing down to be more relatable. I’m basically behaving badly to impress. That is crazy.

Managing my kid’s expectations around Christmas. I set a precedent in the past and spent more money than I should have. Now my kids expect it. I don’t want them to be disappointed (with me). I hate disappointing my kids. I’m having some anxiety around this.

I wish I could be a zero waste, vegan, minimalist with a booty like Whitney Simmons on YouTube. One part of my brain says: ‘who do you think you are with that kind of ambition’ the other part says: ‘watch me!’. It’s like two kids fighting in the back seat of the family station wagon on a long car ride. My brain is exhausting. I work every day on my thoughts.

I think, in the end we are all more similar than different. We have pretty much the same experiences and emotions and sharing them is like saying ‘Hey, you are not along in your struggle.”

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