To Tech or not to Tech

The Struggle is Real

Today’s writing prompt was about sharing a past or current struggle.  I have so many. Here are just a few:

Struggle #1. Does tech help or hinder my health goals – I lie to my Fitbit app.  I don’t log ALL the food I eat but get pissed when a week goes by and the scale doesn’t budge.  The app is useless!  Well, actually, the results are only as good as the input.  GIGO.

In my experience, my fitness trackers have not been as helpful as I had hoped. This is backed by studies that show that initially the trackers help us focus to start on a health journey but in the end over half of us end up gaining weight using an app.

I feel that I am abdicating my decision-making process when I use an app.  It opens the door for me to not take responsibility but blame the app or tracker for my failure.

Instead, I tried to eat intuitively for a while. My intuition said ‘Eat It All!’ At least that’s the part that I heard.


Struggle #2. Paper planner or electronic planner – There is a tech theme here.  I am addicted to pretty planners.  I used to follow a couple of YouTube channels that were all about planners and how people decorate them with pretty stickers or use them in non-traditional ways. I currently have 3 planners in my desk drawer. I’m not using any of them.

Paper planners are bulky, and you have to have them with you at all times. That means a large handbag. I don’t like to carry heavy things.

Every time a new video posts about the newest edition of the Erin Condren planner I think ‘Finally, this is the planner that will bring my whole life together!’ I am always wrong.  It’s not the planner silly.  It’s you.

I like the Google suite of calendars, to-do’s and contact lists. I have all my stuff super organized. I just have to remember to look at it. I say this as I am trying to use tech less and less. (I’ve been told I may be addicted to my phone).


Struggle #3. Bad spelling – I am a terrible speller.  In the old days when people used to write hand-written letters and put a stamp on them and send them through the mail, I had a handful of people that I kept in correspondence with.

During Desert Storm I had a pen-pal that I kept in contact with.  I would write a letter and then wait to get a response.  All the while, not knowing if they were safe or not until their letter showed up.  The letters I got in return were full of stories and sometimes pictures and there was a beauty to having to wait and anticipate those return letters.

I wrote back and forth to my Grandmother. Her letters were full details and stories about her and her friends, my grandfather and other family members.  I saved her letters and was lucky enough to be gifted the letters I had sent to her when she passed.  Having these tucked away in my cedar chest makes me feel connected to her and I treasure them.

Back to my point of being a bad speller, I have a way that I disguise my terrible spelling.  I have terrible handwriting.  If you can’t read my writing, you can’t tell if I spelled something wrong.  Except for my dad.  He would correct my letters and return them with his letter to me.

Technology, on the other hand, can detect your errors both in spelling and grammar and suggest corrections.  In this category, I vote for technology.

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