Merry Christmas

Holiday Greetings

I don’t like saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.

Greeting people cheerfully just because it’s December and there is a holiday feels weird. We don’t do that for Memorial Day or Presidents Day. Why Christmas?

It’s as if I should magically be filled with Joy just because of this holiday in December.

I can’t think of another holiday that is as stressful as Christmas. But now is when I am supposed to turn up the cheer. But not too much. Enjoy myself, but don’t over-indulge. Enjoy myself, but don’t over-spend.  Enjoy myself but hope I don’t disappoint my kids.

It’s a stressful time.

In spite of the holiday, December still has Mondays. I still need to pay bills and deal with sick kids. The day to day stuff of being human is still there. And it’s compounded with extra spending and eating too much. And the weather.

Michigan can be brutal in December. It’s grey, frigid and depressing.

What I have decided is that it comes down to managing expectations.

My kids are still going to sass. The weather isn’t going to brighten just because it’s Christmas. My house will get dirty. My husband will still annoy me.

I’m trying to focus on having a gentle December. I will focus on being kind and thoughtful.

If I wish you a Merry Christmas, it may not be because I’m feeling it at that moment. But I truly hope you have a magical holiday season.

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