Running out of Fuel

The past couple of days I have eaten a lot of stuff I normally would not eat.  Lots of sugary treats and salty snacks. I’m usually quite strict about what I put in my body. I have learned from experience that when I eat crap I feel like crap.


I justified my poor choices by convincing myself I have worked very hard lately and I deserved a treat. It’s the holiday season and I should enjoy all the treats and really get into the holiday celebrations.


It was a poor choice and I’ve been feeling the affects of my bad choices. I’m lethargic and irritable and my stomach is all rumbly and upset.


I came up with an analogy of my decision-making process.


Imagine that you take your car on a long drive to visit friends or go on a short little vacation. When you get back from your trip to say to your car “You got such good gas mileage that I’m going to treat you with some soda in your tank”. Now, you know your car can’t run on soda. But you want to treat your car so give it something that will damage the engine and ruin your car. You would never do that!


Yet that is exactly what I did to myself. I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. My head hurts a little and I have no one else to but myself. The treats I was giving myself were damaging my engine. No two ways about it.


It’s difficult to navigate the holiday that is surrounded by food. Everywhere you go there are more treats and well-meaning people expecting you to eat them.


I want to treat myself as well as I would treat my car. It’s my primary mode of transportation and I need to get a lot more miles out of this engine.

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