Body, Mind

Blooming Big

The new Year is days away. It’s the time where we make all our big plans for the next year.

We promise this is the year that we will….fill in the blank. Lose weight, travel somewhere, spend more family time, get rich. Whatever it is, it usually falls by the wayside around mid-February.

For 2019 instead of setting a huge goal, I did things different.

I chose two phrases. My phrases were “Question Everything” and “Open Hearted”. It was a huge relief to not have a big goal but instead decide what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to fine tune my daily life.

In order to question everything, I was doing and learning I had to track it. Then I had to study the results over a specific period and decide if it was something I wanted to keep doing or not.

For example: the way I was eating. What was my end goal? To feel energized, satisfied and avoid digestive issues. I tracked my meals on paper and made notes of what meals or foods worked for my criteria and which didn’t. I was able to see which specific foods I should avoid and which I should keep as part of my protocol. Sugar and dairy are not my friends.

Another thing I did was to decide, based on logging my food and reactions, whether Keto, low card of other styles of eating were helpful or not to my end goal.

I loved having this curious approach.

I didn’t set out with a body weight in mind or a goal of running a 5K. But I did all those things for a set amount of time and then decided if they were activities that brought me closer to my overall health goal of feeling energized, satisfied and avoiding digestive issues.

It turns out that running regularly makes me feel depleted. My physiology does not support that kind of high intensity cardio. Lifting weights, walking and Pilates made me feel amazing.

Another area I use this curiosity approach is with my finances. I have been hunting for a system that works for me. I tried using the envelope system, various apps and websites like Mint and YNAB. I am still looking.  My goal is to craft a system that is efficient, automatic and is easily managed. An all in one place way of tacking everything including my financial goals.

My second phrase “Open Hearted” was a daily reminder to consider all points of view and be open to everyone. Assume humans are basically good. Be less judgmental.

For 2020 I’m choosing to continue with “Question Everything” and adding the word “Fierce”. I want to love fiercely, work fiercely, be fierce.  Do the things I’m scare of, try new things, stir things up. This wallflower is pointing her face towards the sun and blooming big.

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