Body, Mind


Today is a weird day.  It is Tuesday or Sunday? Actually, it’s Friday.

Having Christmas in the middle of the week makes for a strange time.

I’m craving my familiar schedule. Coffee in the morning, getting the kids to the bus, work, lunch at home and family dinner.

I am a creature of habit. When things change, I can get crabby and out of sorts.

My solution is to try to stick to a schedule as close as to my usual one as possible.

Sure, I can sleep in until noon. But my mind wakes me up at 6:30 as usually. I like it this way. I drink my first cup of coffee in the quiet house. I tidy up quietly while everyone else is still sleeping. I toss in some laundry. Just like a regular day.

It grounds me and feels more solid this way. Not so much at loose ends.

Hate on me if you want, but my Christmas tree is already back in the attic. I want everything back to normal. At least my version of normal.

Also, I have noticed my energy level is off. I’m tired and lethargic. I have been eating snacks and sweets and I can tell. I’m off kilter.

I have a very set routine and when I venture off, I can tell. My body, mind and spirit just want every to get back to normal.

I love that at any moment I can choose to re-start. I don’t have to wait until New Year’s. Today, right now I can start again.


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