Should Vs. Want Goals

As I was thinking about my goals and aspirations for the new year I got sucked into a couple of hours of video on YouTube.

I came across a video by Jack Canfield and something he said resonated with me.

He suggested asking yourself ‘is this something I really want or something I feel I should do?” when setting goals.

I often set goals based on what I think I should do. I should be better at managing my money. This sounds like a great goal, but from the mindset of should it feels crappy.

I decided to re-frame it in a way that felt better.

How will I benefit from managing my money better? I’m thinking about it in a way that changes the ‘should’ into a ‘want to’. To do this I have to focus on the benefits of this goal.

I believe everything I want in life is based on how I think that thing will make me feel.  When focusing on managing my money better I immediately start focusing on how hard it will be or what I will have to give up. Instead, I want to focus on how I will feel long term having a bigger savings account. And then I can decide if that is how I want to feel.

Yes, I want to feel more confident financially. I want to manage my money better so I can be less stressed about the future.

Now it’s something that I want and not just something that I should do.

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