Body, Mind


Consequences Creeping In

In my early twenties and into my thirties I was an avid tanning bed user. Prior to that, in my teens my friends and I used baby oil to get a tan. I always felt better with a bit of color on my skin.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Now, I do everything I can to un-do the sun damage. There is one potion for the dark spots. Another for the wrinkles. Another for the dryness. When all else fails, I put on a foundation that will make everything one even color (mostly).

I regret that I was so intent on being tan. I’m lucky to not have suffered with skin cancer, but I know some friends who have had to face it.

I knew at the time that I should not be damaging my skin with the constant tanning. But the consequence seemed so far away.

It was hard to imagine at the time that one day I would be much older and regret my choice. When I was young, getting old seemed so far away.  Back then old people seemed, well, so much older than I imagined my self ever being.

One of the reasons I work so hard to maintain my health is because at 53 I have a long way to go in this body. I see far ahead and want to mitigate any damage that I can.

That is why my health focus isn’t about a number on the scale. It’s solely about longevity. Sure, I could lose 4 pounds in one week. But at what cost to my organs and hormones? I much prefer to look long term at my health. I have a target age of no less than 96.

I want those years to be fun and enjoyable.

I can look ahead and see the consequences of my choices. I have learned my lesson. I’d like to think that with age came wisdom. I’m in it for the long haul.

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