Body, Mind

Let’s Sign up for Another Course

That’s how I handle my excuses.

Except it’s just a cover up for ‘I’ll do this later’, there is a shinny new thing here I want to play with.

At some point I need to put what I learned to good use.

This time of year, my Instagram and Facebook feed are full of New Year’s programs. Lose weight! Manifest the life of your dreams! Find our what is really holding you back!

Bitch Please! I’m not into diets. I’m living the life of my dreams and I know what is holding me back. Me. I hold myself back. Me and my crazy thoughts.

If there is a course out there, I have probably taken it. I have completely Feng Shui’d my house. I got rid of the clutter. I’m super organized. I know how to maintain my health.

What I was really searching for was an easy way to do all those things. I already knew how. I didn’t want to do the hard work. There is no miracle pill. Putting a fishbowl by your front door will not bring sudden good luck.

I have to get up every day and decide to do 1% more. 1% better. That is all.

That is why I have done the GRIT workouts every single day since the beginning of November. That is why I journal every day. That is why I wake up and decide to eat better today than I did yesterday.

I’m living the dream.

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