Becoming Formidable

I love the work formidable. I see it as indestructible, invincible. It is a very powerful word.
What is a formidable human? Mama bear. The most powerful form I take on is that of protector of my children. I would die, swim through snakes and eat mud pies for my kids.
Formidable, as indestructible, is about the legacy I leave my family. They will remember how much I loved them long after I am gone.
Formidable, my body will some day be in the ground but my spirit will live on. I will never actually be gone. My spirit is formidable.
Formidable is standing my ground for what I believe in and what my values are. It is always about love.
Love is formidable.
What creates a formidable human? The daily practice of living in my values. They include being a strong physical human and making my health a priority through daily rituals and routines. They include practicing daily gratitude and meditation so I can be calm and centered when my family needs me to be present. My values also include leaving a financially positive legacy.
Formidable means that I leave a positive impact that resonates long after I am physically gone.

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