Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Ben Franklin
I have never been able to stay up late. I am an early bird through and through.
Entrepreneur Magazine published an article in 2017 with 7 scientifically proven benefits of this adage.
The third point in this article especially resonates with me.
“3. Morning people are more persistent, cooperative, agreeable, conscientious, and proactive.
Randler’s work listed above already determined that larks are more active than night owls, but his research also discovered that early-risers tended to be more persistent, cooperative, agreeable, and conscientious. These are all positive traits that leaders and successful possess since they make them more likable, disciplined, appreciative, and eager to learn.”
Most of my day is planned around making sure I am in bed by 10 pm. When my phone reminds me at 9:30 that it is almost time for bed I’m like Pavlov’s dogs. I will run roughshod over you to get to bed on time. I will hang up my phone conversation, get up from whatever I am doing and go straight to bed. I will cut you off mid-sentence if need be to go to bed by 10. Want to throw me a party? That’s fine so long as I can leave before 10. Christmas, Thanksgiving, I’m usually the first to leave. I drive my own car so I can get to bed by 10.
It is very true that I am much more agreeable when I am well rested. I have the energy and stamina to persist and get things done. My decision making is clearer.
I could not be the businesswoman I am with less sleep. I could not be the mom I am with less sleep. I can work out in the morning because I got good sleep. I know my limits and not getting enough sleep is one I don’t want to test.
On the morning side of things, I can get more done in the first hour of the day than most. I love my morning time. Being productive first thing in the morning sets me up mentally to have a productive day. It’s a domino effect. Once I get going, I don’t want to stop. And when the end of the day comes, I can look back and know I had a productive day.
If I don’t get up and do something productive right away, one moment of lazy turns into a whole day of lazy. I would much rather get everything done on the front end of the day and relax at the end. It’s a pattern I repeat every 24 hours, rain or shine, weekend, holiday, or weekday. It’s a principal I live by.
You can read the whole article from Entrepreneur Magazine here:

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