I Double Dog Dare You

In high school I took a job in a small health food store. I worked after school and sometimes on Sunday. In the evening there were usually just a couple of us to close up and lock up. We had a variety of customers.

There were three distinctive groups of people

  1. The supplement hoarders. These people would buy $600 worth of supplements with the belief that the next pill would give them immortality. Whatever the latest fad was, they were all in. You could spot them easily by their frantic gestures, picking up one bottle after the other, moving from one end of the isle to the other, latest health magazine in hand, making sure they got the correct brand that touted the most benefits.
  2. The sex fiends. They were there for only one supplement. A very specific supplement said to increase virility. They typically showed up in a conversion van full of kids.
  3. The health advocates. They went straight to the deli for a vegetarian pita full of nutrient dense vegetables and hummus. They would walk past the isles of supplements and not even stop. They had swagger.

When things were slow at the register, my friend Julia and I would people watch and divide them up mentally into the correct groups.

There was one particularly good-looking guy who rode is bike to the store almost every day. Julia and I marveled at his great legs and butt. We would sometimes go in the produce room which had a one-way glass and watch this guy and drool.

One day, Julia dared me to put my phone number in his grocery bag after I rang up his order at the cash register. It took me a few weeks to get up the nerve, but I finally did it.

A few days later my phone rang. It was HIM. Unfortunately, he was confused because he had a sister named Michelle and he couldn’t figure our what this piece of paper was with her name on it and a phone number he didn’t recognize. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least he was curious enough to call the number and see what it was about.

Unfortunately, he was moving the very next week to Arizona from Michigan and we never did get together. However, I cool thing happened. Once he settled in Arizona, he called me, and we exchanged addresses and we became pen pals. We wrote back and forth for a good 10 years. Mostly he sent me postcards. I still have them. We had a great friendship for a very long time.

I still bump into him on Facebook now and then and we wave at each other. I’m glad I took the dare because I made a life-long friend.

I double dog dare you to make a new friend today.

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