Subtle Progress

I have been practicing intermittent fasting for about a year. It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle choice based on the latest longevity research that I have done.

I typically have my first meal of the day at noon and the last at 7 in the evening. This way of eating has become a habit and I don’t have to think twice about it.

Until today.

Today, I was reading some of Dr. Gregor’s work on fasting and found a fascinating study that says that what time of day you fast makes almost as much difference as fasting itself. The study suggested that you should eat your meals earlier in the day as apposed to how I’ve been doing it, eating later in the day.

Part of this has to do with eating too close to your sleep time.

So, I will make the subtle change of shifting my eating window earlier and see what happens.

But I can’t assume this is the key to my longevity. First, I need to test the theory myself.  This brings up the question of ‘what will prove this theory right or wrong?’ as it is about longevity. If I die tomorrow in a freak accident, we will never know.

This isn’t just about testing out theories. It’s also about testing myself. Can I make a change and stick to it long enough to decide if it is beneficial to me or not? Do I have the GRIT to go all in and stick to my commitment?

That is the 1% growth mindset. I test myself because it builds character muscle. It builds confidence. It builds me as a person and what I can contribute.  #challengebasedlife

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