The solution

This past week I have found myself going from one extreme to the other. I realize it is all in the name of soothing my anxiety.

I’m usually the kind of person who has a plan. When a challenge presents itself, I write down my action steps and execute those steps. But when things are so uncertain day to day it can be difficult to find a balance between keeping things as normal as possible and adjusting to the new normal.

I had to give myself a lot of grace yesterday. I have avoided sugar for months and have practiced intermittent fasting for over a year. Yesterday I ate waffles with lots of syrup and ate brownies. I realize I was just looking for comfort. It’s interesting that my brain went right to food and sugar specifically to calm my nerves.

It’s o.k. I’ll get back on track today, starting with a good workout in my basement. I will forgive myself.

The human brain is a problem solver. It’s our nature to try and solve problems. However, while COVID-19 is a serious challenge right now and for the love of GOD stay home if possible, pay attention to how your brain is trying to solve your unease. I can promise you a brownie is not the solution. But if that is the solution your brain chose, don’t beat yourself up.

But check the solutions your brain has come up with. Pay attention. Ask yourself, will this really make things better? While a brownie seems like a great solution in the short term, your good health is the most important thing right now. Sugar is not your health’s friend.

If anything, now is the most important time to keep your immunity strong. Give yourself some grace is you mess up, but don’t let your brain trick you into thinking that cookies are the solution.

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