I’m So Bored!

I’m So Bored!

I bet you have heard this at least a dozen times in the past few days. You are probably hiding in your closet right now as you read this hoping the kids will leave you alone for just a few minutes. I’m hiding as I write this.

Here’s the thing. It’s not your job to solve their boredom.

So what if they are bored?

It’s a problem they can solve for themselves. It’s a necessary life skill that will serve them well to cultivate. It’s o.k., even necessary to learn to sit with our thoughts and feeling un-distracted.

In our technological world where things move at the speed of light, our kids get used to everything happening now. They aren’t used to waiting for anything. So, I can assure you that letting them learn to figure out how to solve their own boredom appropriately is a very necessary skill.

The days of carting them around from sport meet to dance class and scouts and filling their every moment with activities has come to a screeching halt. Now what? Take a breath. Instead of cheering your kids from the sidelines, beat them in a game of pool.

I feel strongly that my job as a parent is to teach my kids the skills they will need to be productive and self-sufficient adults. I am not their entertainment coordinator. Teach them to cook. Teach them how to clean the bathroom and sort laundry, change their own sheets, or wash the windows.

Next time the kids complain that they are bored hand them your honey-do list. Clean under the fridge, tighten the cupboard handle, change all the smoke detector batteries.

Once they complete the list, they will learn to never tell you they are bored again. (I stole this trick from my dad who had me changing the oil in his Chrysler Horizon before I could drive). I never told him I was bored again.

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