Meditation for Fidgety People

I have been meditating for at least 20 years. It’s become a part of my daily life. Some days it feels very peaceful, other days I have a hard time focusing.

I recently found a string of Mandala beads that I got a long time ago. They are a beautiful light blue with just a little texture to them. The beads are not completely smooth.

When I found them, I put them in my coat pocket. I’m not sure why. But I was having a stressful day. As the day went on, I would catch myself reaching into my pocket to touch the beads.

Some evens happened that day that raised my stress level even more. On the drive home I reached into my pocket again and pulled the beads out. I had them on my lap and starting at the first bead I passed each bead through my fingers and said the word ‘blessed’. By the time I got to the end of the strand, I felt more relaxed.

I had hit on something.

The next morning as I was meditating, I used the beads. I said the word ‘joyful’ as I passed each bead through my fingers.

What I loved about meditating this way was that it gave my fingers something to do as well as occupying my mind by chanting a positive word.

If I’m feeling a negative feeling, I try to pick an opposite word. Something that would counteract my negative feeling. It changes every day.

I love that my meditation practice changes and evolves over time. As I grow and change, my practice grows with me.

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