Toddler Brain

Toddler Brain

This past weekend my nerves were on edge. Being in lockdown is no joke. It’s not something I have ever experienced before, and my mind was just bouncing off the walls. It reminded me of when my kids were toddlers.

I had a set of four plastic bowls. One orange, one blue, one pink and one green. They were perfect for little kids who like to throw things because they couldn’t break. My kids ate out of these bowls every day. But there was an argument at every meal over who go which bowl. They always fought over the blue one. Whoever got the blue bowl would gloat and tease the other one. Whoever did not get the blue bowl would sulk until they got the bowl at the next meal.

The bowl had no affect on the quality of their food. IT had no bearing over the meal really except that whoever didn’t get the bowl would throw a tantrum. They always wanted the one thing they couldn’t have. I eventually bought a second identical set so they could always each have the same color bowl.

I noticed my own brain acting like that this past weekend. I have cupboards and a freezer full of food. There is plenty for everyone should we not be able to go to the store for a while. I am very blessed to always keep a stocked pantry and in times like now when we are on lockdown I’m grateful for that.

But on Saturday I noticed I had no taco seasoning. It bothered me a little. Then the more I thought about it the more my brain started to throw a tantrum. BUT I WANT TACO SEASONING. HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT IT? I MUST GET SOME NOW!

I didn’t want to risk going to the store for some. It wasn’t worth it. But the one thing I didn’t have on hand was the one thing I wanted so badly.

I didn’t need it. I can live without it. In the end I found a recipe on-line and made my own. It’s all good now. But wow did my brain go into overdrive about it!

I have so much to be grateful for. I am lacking in nothing.

Before you go out and risk getting sick or bringing the virus home to your loved ones ask yourself if this is a need or a want. Is your brain just throwing a fit? Can you live without tacos for at least a couple of weeks? I can if it means my family and my community is safer.

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