Technical Difficulties

There Will Be Days Like That

Yesterday I had a glitch with my phone and ended on chatting with tech support trying to get it to work properly. The not-so-brilliant support person had me re-set my phone. It wiped out all my settings. I had to re-set my alarms and reminders, privacy settings, etc. To make matters worse the original problem I was having was not resolved.

I was escalated to the next lever of support. I was asked to download the latest update. It disconnected me from the wi-fi and wiped out those setting. The original problem was still not resolved. They were baffled as well.

I was then sent on to the next level of Apple support. Level 3. The ‘when all else fails’ level.

The original problem had to do with badges not showing up for my reminders app.

Within 10 seconds the solution was presented. I had to set a time for each reminder, or the badge would not show up. Something so simple.

I had to reflect on how often I have a tiny challenge that could easily be resolved but blow it up into a giant mess.

One of my biggest faults is how critical I am of my husband. It causes a lot of strong emotions for me. My thought is usually ‘he shouldn’t do that.’ Or ‘why is he always late?’.

I need to remind myself that his actions are not controlling my emotions. What is controlling my emotions is my thoughts. I can choose my thoughts.

Choosing my thoughts requires that I take full responsibility for myself. I would rather things be someone else’s fault, so I don’t have to do the hard work.

But, if my emotions were at the mercy of everyone else, I would never be happy. I would be at the mercy of everyone around me. Being fully responsible for myself gives me power.

It gives me the power to choose happy and although I have to do the work, I grow stronger every day.

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