Beautiful You

Beautiful You.
There are quite a few memes about how we are all going to look once we are free to roam again. With Covid-19 keeping us on lockdown our beauty habits have changed. No more visits to the salon for hair color, manicures, or brow waxing. This has a lot of people upset, both men and women.
Some of you finally know what your significant other’s real hair color is.
While this can be stressful and depressing, I would like to suggest that we all just embrace the color pallet God gave us at birth.
Who decided that we would look better if we changed our hair color and had 3” fingernails? Who decided that our brows had to be perfectly neat and tidy to be presentable to the public?
You were born beautiful, in God’s image. You were born to look exactly like yourself, not some image of perfection with perfectly plumped lips and a face that does not move. You were born with eyes and a nose exactly right for YOU. Not perfect, but just right for you.
If you don’t fit society’s image or perfection, that is o.k. You aren’t supposed to. You are only supposed to look like YOU.
I would love everyone to embrace their natural, God given beauty. When we finally meet again, I want to see YOU, not a re-colored version of you. Just YOU. Beautiful YOU.

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