Safe at Home

I find myself making comments about how tough it is to have my kids at home. But I secretly love having my kids home all day.


I was lucky enough to raise my kids at work with me from the time they were born. They did not leave my side until pre-school. It was hard. I was taking care of customers, answering the phones, returning emails while managing breastfeeding, changing diapers, and cuddling my kids.


I loved it then and I love it now. Even though I barely know they are here because they are in their rooms on their computers, I feel their presence and I love it.


Today I was feeling particularly blessed. I was reflecting on my son going away to college in a few years and I could not help but think to myself how awesome it is that I am gifted these extra hours of having him under my roof.


Sure, it is tough. My kids eat so much. I tell myself I will only shop once a week and in two days everything is gone. I understand the toilet paper hording. I was already prepared but with everyone home it is going fast. I wonder what the budget for toilet paper is for our school system. I cannot imagine.


I’m glad Covid-19 hit when my kids were young enough to still live at home. I know they are here with me and I am enjoying it very much. I feel blessed having them under my roof with me for this extra time before they grow up and move out.

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