A Break From the Big Stuff

Normally on a Saturday evening, especially after having to work, I would look forward to dinner out somewhere. The anticipation of a great meal, the possibility of running into friends and no one fighting over who’s turn in was to do the dishes gave me something to look forward to. Which do you prefer? Dining in or dining out? What do you miss the most about dining out?
I think my kids and I have run out of conversation. I let them eat in their rooms just to avoid the weird silence as we all try to think of something interesting to say.
On a positive note, I have a book I am looking forward to reading. Joey just finished The Kite Runner for school and insisted that I read it next. I will.
I need some summer pajamas. Jennifer needs shoes that fit. Her feet are growing fast. I miss being able to drive to TJ Maxx or Walmart or Meyers and perusing the isles. I miss looking at colorful things displayed on the shelves. Do I need another cute water bottle? No. But having the option of browsing, touching and feeling pretty things and then deciding if I need it or not are a luxury I miss. I can’t buy pajamas without feeling them. They can’t be too thick or too baggy. They have to be decent enough to walk around the house in, but cute enough that I don’t feel like an old lady.
These aren’t really problems. But it’s easier to focus on the little problems than the big ones we are in right now. COVID, unemployment, people going hungry. It’s overwhelming. So I think about pajamas and where I would eat if I could go out. Today, I need a break from the big stuff.

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