It’s in my DNA

I love 23andme. I find the results fascinating. I am always learning more about myself and the quirky traits I inherited (someone else is to blame).

For instance, they predict that I most likely prefer chocolate over vanilla, but predict Joe, my husband is the opposite (true). We are also opposite on the sweet vs. salty prediction.

What I realized seeing this that I am often very judgmental about these little things. How could someone prefer vanilla? Impossible! Crazy! It’s just wrong. They don’t know what they are missing.

The reality is, he was never meant to prefer chocolate over vanilla. It does not mean anything. It’s not even important and I need to quit being so judgmental.

The real unfortunate confirmation is that we are both very likely to thrash around in our sleep. I often wake up with bruises on my shins. Joe once pushed me out of the bed in the middle of the night and I landed on the floor. That is information that could have been useful to know up front.

Have you had your DNA mapped? Did you find anything funny or odd about yourself that they were able to predict?

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