Measuring Time

There is a little Inn our family liked to visit. We have been going there for years. They have a great outside dining view of Pine Lake in LaPorte, Indiana. The Blue Heron Inn is not a very big place, but just the right size for our family of 4.

My kids have especially loved it for the swimming pool. Both of my kids love swimming in the pool, so even though it’s a very short drive for us, we like to spend the night at the Inn and the the day by the pool.

At the deepest part, the pool is only 4′ 6″ deep.

I can remember the first time going there. The kids had to wear their life jackets because neither one could touch the bottom and still have their head above the water. I had to be in the pool with them because they were so young.

It took a few years before they were good enough swimmers that even though they couldn’t touch bottom I felt o.k. letting them swim without their life jackets.

We went there this past weekend to relax for Father’s Day. Even before we were unpacked the kids were rummaging for their swim suits and getting ready to go to the pool. They were excited to get in the water and cool off from the 90 degree day.

My daughter jumped in first and was swimming around excitedly. She went towards the deep end of the pool and stood up. She was shocked she could touch the bottom and have her head above the water.

She yelled to get my attention and showed me how she could stand there in the deep end of the pool with her feet flat on the bottom and her head well above the water.

What?! Wait, how did that happen? How did she grow so tall? In the blink of an eye, she went from bobbing around in her life jacket to standing in the deep end of the pool.

I could measure the times we swam here by how she had grown and where she could touch bottom of the pool. I was proud, sad, freaked out, excited, and sad (again) all at once. How did this amount of time go whizzing by so fast? Where was the little toddler wobbling around in her swim diaper?

She is growing into an pretty amazing your lady. My heart is full. Thank you Blue Heron Inn and T-Bones for so many great memories. Happy Father’s Day.

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