Sleep Update

Sleep Update

After weeks of trying everyone’s recommendations, two things stand out the most:

1. Melatonin is my new best friend. But I have to mention that I am having the strangest dreams. Is it because I am sleeping more soundly or because melatonin is giving me ‘night trips’?

2. Sleep hygiene is key (thank you Sue). I turn all my technology off an hour before sleep. I don’t drink any liquids after 8:30 p.m. so I won’t have to use the restroom during the night. I don’t watch tv (especially the news) before bed. I”m drinking a lot less alcohol.

I really appreciate everyone’s input. I am feeling like a new person these days.

Benefits of good sleep:

1. I am making better eating decisions.

2. I feel more emotionally capable of handling my day

3. I have more patience.

4. I have energy for my daily walk or workout.

5. I am a kinder person.

6 . I look better.

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