I Have Dragons

Dragons have been used metaphorically in children’s books and fairy tales for centuries. We slay our dragons. The one who slays the dragon wins the kingdom (or the pretty princess).

What if dragons are our friends? The kind of friends that tell us the most honest truths about ourselves. No, those jeans don’t look good on you. Yes, you are drinking too much.

I love the idea of dragons being my friend. What are my dragons? What are the ugly little thoughts that run around my head telling me I’m not good enough? What is the idea I want to bring to fruition that I am afraid of for fear I will be judged as weird or irresponsible?

Today, I will sit on the large stump and talk with my dragons. I will invite them to show me where I can grow. I won’t slay them. They are my friends.

Who are the dragons you have been fighting to banish?

I find being alone in nature is the best place to get clear answers. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful and colorful creature. Give him or her a name. Introduce yourself. See what happens. They may tell you things you don’t want to acknowledge. Trust that they are telling you the truth.

I think you will make a new and wonderful friend. I think I will call my dragon Stella.

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